The Cantati Chronicles #2
February 25, 2014
Indie Published
Available in: e-Book, Trade Size


My name is Alana Devereaux. I enjoy the simple things in life, walks in the park, sky gazing, and ripping a demon’s heart out through its chest. I am a demon slayer, the last of my kind, and I have been sent back through time to save your world. How am I doing so far? My time travel went haywire, all the signs I needed to stop the prophecy have passed, and the only way I can save my world is by keeping yours from ending.  Then there’s Gaelen, most days I want to deck him. He hides his true motives and if it was not for the intel he had, I would be rid of him. Any day in my life without a demon attack is a good day; I haven’t had a whole lot of those lately. The only problem is, if I don’t stop the Mutari, this world will burn.

Year 83 After Mutari

Bloody hell! The Coven’s barriers had failed.

“Get to the Command Center,” I shouted at Luke, Ben and Nick as I passed, my voice drowned out by screeching air raid sirens.

Demons? Inside the compound? They were an incessant wave bent on destroying every man, woman, and child who crossed their path. How the hell did they get in? The Densare Council had never experienced a breach of this magnitude.

Ben and Luke shouldered past me with their guns drawn, Nick a heartbeat behind. Men pretended women were good for nothing but the continuation of the species. They were our protectors in every fight, but I was better than any man and they knew it. Lights flickered sporadically, the fluorescent bulbs sputtering a few seconds before total darkness descended.

Demons cut the power grid. The new cross-breed bastards were smarter than the average hell’s spawn.

Red hazards stuttered on as the generator kicked into gear. Emergency lights buzzed. I lost sight of the guys ahead as the glow bounced off concrete gray walls in a mismatched fashion creating pockets of total darkness.

The command center seemed miles away. Already sprinting full out, I pushed my legs harder. My muscles strained under the brutal treatment. The ground buckled. Chunks of concrete sprayed skyward. Shielding my face with my hands, my feet lost their purchase and I stumbled into the wall.

Son of a bitch, were they using grenades? Smoke billowed in the halls. A suffocating mixture of sulfur and gun powder penetrated my lungs. My eyes burned, blinded by smoke so thick it muted the glow of the hazard lights. How would demons obtain grenades, for God’s sake? Demons weren’t braincases. What new horror had they unleashed on humanity? Was it not enough that our numbers decreased every day?

My gun drawn, I raced around the next blind corner. The pop of rapid gunfire exploded. The tink, tink, tink of shell casings from Ben’s forty caliber made me smile. He loved that gun. The reverberation echoed throughout the corridors.

A horde of Hathas, big grey, eight-foot monstrosities with lethal strength, advanced on the line of soldiers. Drystan’s foot soldiers were waylaying our men, two and three at a time. The tight quarters outside the Command Center made it difficult to maneuver.

I had to reach the Command Center. We were being overrun… fast.

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Praise for Anointed

Rating 5 Stars

“Every once in a while, I come across a book/series that I know I’m going to love. Anointed grabbed me immediately and left me wanting more.

“Maggie Mae Gallagher vividly creates a world on the brink of destruction. To save this world she then sends our heroine (Alana) back in time to stop the catastrophic events. Demons have flooded her world and Alana’s sole goal is to prevent that from happening.

“Alana is an amazing character. She is a kick ass, demon fighting, warrior woman and the only hope for human kind. She also knows she will never be able to return to the ones she is fighting to save. Although she waivers, she never gives up. Alana is the ultimate heroine you can completely get behind!

“Gaelen plays a wonderful brooding alpha male. When Alana and Gaelen meet it is explosive with the relationship remaining mostly volatile.

“Amazing plot twist and unexpected turns had me riveted to the pages. I loved the twining of magic, supernatural and fantasy into this contemporary world.

“Gallagher writes brilliant paranormal from page 1…I can’t wait to see where this story goes next!”

Tome Tender Book Blog

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